Observing the landscape with one’s ears

Enjoying the river and all it provides for.

“Our river is mysterious.”

Finding the right time to mend a net

Encounters with big lifeforms

Mr. Inogashira

On praying at shrines by the forests and the seas

Ayano Tsukimi and a new doll, for which she has no name yet.

On loneliness


Mnemonic techniques to remember the seafloor

Pink rubber trousers for fisherwomen

Only 13% of the workers in the fishing industry are female. From the 97 women enlisted in the female members of fisheries entry, only 12 are actually fishing. Rimi is one of the 12 actual fisherwomen in Japan.

Kombu products

Inside the kingdom of Umami

The waters if the Isuzu River.

It came as a surprise. The sound of the ancient forest. The shadows under the trees. The mosses and ferns.

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