The Okeanos Foundation for the Sea is a German philanthropic non-profit organization with an US entity that supports Pacific island states in their efforts to operate and later also to build fossil-fuel free traditional sailing canoes (vaka motus) for their daily passenger and cargo transportation needs, culturally based education and research.

Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd are our local non-profit companies that operate our vaka motus in various Pacific island states, based on the values of social entrepreneurship.

Our culturally meaningful vakas only use green sources of energy – wind, sun and coconut biofuel – and are an important platform for the people on the islands to prepare for the challenges that are forced upon them by climate change and its effects while supporting sustainable development, energy and economic independence and fostering a renaissance in traditional Pacific boat construction, sailing and navigation.

Building a Pan-Pacific Vaka Network

Okeanos Nuclear Legacy Sail 

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