11 Years Experience Providing & Supporting

Pacific-Designed Sustainable Sea Transportation


Building a Pan-Pacific Vaka Network

Our Pacific-designed sailing canoes, ‘vakas,’ use green sources of energy – wind and sun – and operate in 11 Pacific countries.

Okeanos-built vakas have collectively sailed more than 500,000 nautical miles of open ocean.

Working in partnership with Pacific Island governments, Okeanos manages vaka motu operations providing professional training and oversight

while supporting a systematic transition to independent, locally-run, sustainable sea transport infrastructure.

Okeanos Vaka Motu

Vaka = boat, Motu = island

Boat for inter-islands transportation

Okeanos Vaka Moana

Vaka = boat, Moana = ocean

Boat for the ocean  – for cultural revival and high seas voyages

Okeanos Marshall Islands Health Services

Governor Henry Falan Supports Yap Vakas

Grand Master Navigator Ali Haleyalur

Okeanos Yap Dengue Medical Mission

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