11 Years Experience Providing & Supporting

Pacific-Designed Sustainable Sea Transportation


Building a Pan-Pacific Vaka Network

Our Pacific-designed sailing canoes, ‘vakas,’ use green sources of energy – wind and sun – and operate in 11 Pacific countries.

Okeanos-built vakas have collectively sailed more than 500,000 nautical miles of open ocean
serving as passenger- and cargo transport for health-service, education, disaster relief and research.

Working in partnership with Pacific Island governments, Okeanos manages vaka motu operations providing professional training and oversight

while supporting a systematic transition to independent, locally-run, sustainable sea transport infrastructure.

Okeanos Vaka Motu

Vaka = boat, Motu = island

Boat for inter-islands transportation

Okeanos Vaka Moana

Vaka = boat, Moana = ocean

Boat for the ocean  – for cultural revival and high seas voyages

Okeanos Marshall Islands Health Services

Governor Henry Falan Supports Yap Vakas

Grand Master Navigator Ali Haleyalur

Okeanos Yap Dengue Medical Mission

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