Alice Mason is captain of Vaka Okeanos in the Mediterranean Sea. This year, she had the lifetime chance to learn from the world’s best Traditional Navigators in the Pacific, sailing Okeanos Waa’Qab to her new home in the Cook Islands.

Darmstadt based artist Kim Rathnau has a passion for local forests and for oceans alike. In her latest work ‘Jellyfih Invasion’, she builds a bridge between these seemingly distant ecosystems and invites us to understand connections we tend to forget.

Since July 2021, visitors of the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt can marvel at one of the most productive ecosystems of our planet: In an artificial Indo-Pacific coral reef, more than 3000 organisms cavort, which taxidermists in cooperation with scientists have depicted true to life. A mind-changing experience that is not only fun, but also thought-provoking.

The Round Table is a joint format of Okeanos Foundation for the Sea and the Institute for Mindfulness, Connectedness and Engagement (AVE).

A major project in cooperation with various Pacific nations was the preparation and implementation of the two-year voyage that brought together over 200 sailors, navigators and young adults from the Pacific to revive the tradition of star navigation and set an example for marine conservation.

Together with the academy award winner Louie Psihoyos, Okeanos succeeded in realising a documentary film about species extinction, which was awarded the best documentary film of the decade

The book will be published in October 2022 by the renowned children’s and young people’s book publisher Friedrich Oetinger and is the second part of the highly acclaimed book “Paulas Reise oder warum ein Huhn uns zu Klimaschützern machte” (‘Paula’s journey or why a chicken turned us into climate activists’), which is used in various schools as a basis for dealing with climate and environmental issues.

Hardly anything connects people as strongly as music does. Knowing about that power of music, Okeanos is proud to support the project ‘Seventeen Global Goals – a song for the world in need’

Okeanos supports the student team around producer Christina Honig with a one-time grant

Bringing together active youth for ocean and environmental protection projects in three summercamps on Vaka Okeanos off the French coast in the Mediterranean Sea

Image sources

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