Children’s and youth non-fiction book “Hannah’s journey or why a toad sent us to the desert for water” by Jana Steingässer.

It all starts with a toad rescue and Hannah’s know-it-all brother Mio, who claims that we all drink toad pee – and lots of other things. After all, all water is in an eternal cycle around the earth. But how can it be that water is scarce in some regions? To find out, Hannah and her family travel to seas and rivers, deserts and oases. Always in her luggage is the question of whether we too might soon be running on dry land. And what can we do to prevent this and protect aquatic life? In Barcelona, Hannah sets sail with fishermen who bring more rubbish on board than fish and no longer want to accept this. And on the French Mediterranean coast, she overcomes her fear of the sea on the Vaka Okeanos and is rewarded with fantastic encounters.

A true story full of breathtaking images – and a family in the middle of it all.

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