Wayfinder – Navigation program into a sustainable future

Together with the Waldorf School Darmstadt, trainer for “Education for Sustainable Development” Yvonne Engel and trainer Linda Loose, Okeanos started a pilot project in February 2022 through which students, alumni and teachers work together on a cross-generational mentoring-program for social and ecological commitment. The main focus is on personal development. After all, in the course of a lifetime, there are always phases in which we realign and reposition ourselves: after school or simply because we realize that it is time for change. Individual questions meet societal conditions and demands. The climate crisis’ social inequalities and geopolitical tensions make it clear that a broad social transformation is needed to ensure a sustainable life on our planet as a global community. But how can we manage to engage in a healthy way? How do we deal with uncertainties in an increasingly accelerating world? And how can we strengthen each other and set out together?

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