Jun 23, 2020

Xavier High School (XHS) students sailing on ‘Okeanos’

in category FSM, Pohnpei, Yap

On June 6th 2020, Okeanos Pohnpei hosted 8 XHS students (class of 2022) currently doing their Community Service Projects in Pohnpei. XHS is located in Chuuk, FSM and is known all over Micronesia for providing high quality education and developing students to become leaders.

The crew provided a detailed tour of the Vaka to the students, highlighting its different features and capabilities. The students were amazed at how the Vaka integrates traditional and modern navigation.

The crew also gave a short lecture about Okeanos and its goals and sustainable sea transportation. More importantly, the students experienced and enjoyed sailing aboard Okeanos Pohnpei.

Okeanos Pohnpei wishes to thank the students and is looking forward to providing a learning platform to other students, schools and communities as well.

Post by Alan Semens, Okeanos Pohnpei Operations Manager, June 2020