& Research Trips


Okeanos offers safe, reliable, low-carbon sea transportation. Our Vaka Motus are traditionally designed, modern equipped sustainable transportation alternatives to larger ships that are unable to land at some outer islands and shallow atolls. Finding their way around the most difficult to reach islands and atolls in the Pacific, our Vakas are predestined for expeditions and research trips. They are safety certified for offshore voyages and comply with marine regulations of their operation areas and NZ (their building places).

The Vaka Motu is best suited for smaller teams (max 8 researchers / scientists) who can sleep comfortably in 4 cabins below deck. Additional equipment including special devices that a plane would usually refuse to transport such as diving tanks or oxygen can be securely stored on the vessel. Even for longer periods of time the vessel is able to sail self-sufficiently as a water maker is on board and an additional 3t of cargo / food can be carried. All electronic equipment (laptops, mobile phones etc.) necessary to carry out any scientific work is charged by solar panels.


Natural and social scientists as well as Health teams value our Okeanos Vaka Motus in the Pacific for their safety, reliability and their ability to provide access to remote environments, local communities, and cultures. Our team on land and our crew on board are happy to support and advise you in preparing for your trips to some of the hardest to reach places on earth and will do their best to meet your research and expedition requirements.