Jun 21, 2016

Vaka Motu Okeanos Aotearoa travel blog #3: In Tongan waters

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The view of the horizon can be haunting when thoughts fly away. All locality of land comforts are humbled as you search your way through the open emptiness of the sea surface. These trails make the company and flowing sights of natures day all the more important to behold.

That and the feeling of progression is good for the soul. Breaking daily targets and sailing an arrow straight line is what has made this chapter of our trip so exciting. The conditions continue to please as we have been finely tuning our skills to maintain our course and speed. Reaching 13kt peaks as the waka surfs the pursuing stern waves. At night comets have been pointing to our destination, willing the wind to stay with us.

Crossing the boarder to Tongan waters brought a Mahi Mahi catch. A warm welcome to the beautifully warm seas with a wonderful vibrant fish. It tasted as good as it looked- I am an excellent cook.

Still maintaining our progressive dance across the sea, dreaming and scheming plans for Tongan royalty to meet our landing. Alas, some dreams are unrealistic.

Waka position: LAT S24deg 46.44′ W177deg 09.28′