Jun 19, 2016

Vaka Motu Okeanos Aotearoa travel blog #2: Life onboard a vaka

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Whilst on the Vaka, there is much one can do in your down time. Sleeping being the key activity, the waves rock you into submission taking you to the easiest dreams. On waking to a bright and breezy day, a sing and dance is never too far away. Hitting the seas from our busy lives on land, it is important to ‘let it out’ when an opportunity arises. Currently, on this Okeanos Vaka, these moments occur more frequently than usual- must be something in the sea air. Showers are still cold, so it is imperative to save some screams for these pacific ocean clean downs.

The end of the 3rd day marked the end of our poorly prepared chocolate provisions. Either that or we’ve been slightly over zealous on our chocolate capabilities. Despite this sad time, the sailing has been fantastic and sweet things have been completely ‘forgotten’.

The wind has picked up on our down wind venture and the main has been reefed. We hit the half way stage this morning with 2 smaller head sails, tightening up our power to give us 9kt hourly averages. Waves on our starbord and scowering birds marking the presence of New Zealand’s northern Islands passing by.

Progress is being more prevalent as the days go by with better, more consistent winds. This is being felt by the ever high spirits on the Vaka. Conversations of our landing beginning to excite as we close in on our 19 degree target.

Vaka position: Lat S 29deg 39.91′ Long E 179deg 47.78′