Okeanos Foundation for the Sea operates in the Pacific, Germany and the United States.

Our day-to-day operations include boat building, educational program development, sustainable place-based business development, communications and strategies for incorporation of green technologies as well as support for our local non-profit companies that provide sustainable sea transport in Pacific islands states.

Our philanthropic foundation provides free management service to assist countries to re-directing money they now spend on fossil fuel based cargo ships toward training and employing local people to independently operate traditionally based modernized fossil-fuel free sailing vessels.

Okeanos Foundation

Dieter Paulmann – Founder and Chairman
Tina Baumgartner – Assitant to Founder and Chairman, Project Coordinator
Jana Steingässer – Head of Communication and Project Development

New Zealand

Peia Patai – Fleet Commander

Christine Biesgen – Head of Operations

Lisa Burtenshaw – Head of Finance

Irene Marx – Office Manager
Steven Holloway – Media Specialist