Okeanos Foundation for the Sea operates in the Pacific, Germany and the United States. Our day-to-day operations include boat building, educational program development, sustainable place-based business development, communications and strategies for incorporation of green technologies.

Our on-the-ground team is supported by our advisory board, made of cultural, educational, and spiritual advisors; university researchers, scientists, and artists; and environmental, policy, and conservation experts.

day-to-day operations

Dieter Paulmann – Founder, CEO
Tina Baumgartner – Project Coordinator, Assistant to CEO

New Zealand
Peia Patai – Vaka Operation Manager, CTO
Lisa Burtenshaw – Financial Controller, CFO
Christine Biesgen – Director Organizational Development

Dena Seidel – COO, Director US and Pacific Region
Lisa Miller – Assistant to COO and Okeanos US Office Manager
Steve Holloway – Media Specialist/Editor

Eliane Koller – Managing Director, French Polynesia

Bani Arudovo – Managing Director

Marshall Island
Steven Tawake – Operations Coordinator

Pohnpei, FSM
Jack Yakana – Managing Director

advisory board

Nainoa Thompson
Master Navigator
President, Polynesian Voyaging Society

Tua Pittman – Spiritual advisor
Vice President, Cook Islands Voyaging Society

Hotura Barclay-Kerr – Cultural advisor
President, Te Toki Voyaging Trust

 Dr. Sylvia Earle
Former Director US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Geographic Explorer in Residence
Founder, Mission Blue

Louis Psihoyos
Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker
Director of “The Cove” & “Racing Extinction”

Dr. Carl Safina
Prize winning author, MacArthur Fellow

Dr. Matt Matsuda, Rutgers University
Pacific scholar/author “Pacific Worlds”

David Czap – Technical Advisor
Owner, Naval DC – Electric Naval Architecture; Soel Yachts

Nick Peal – Technical Advisor