Nov 6, 2018

Into the sunset: Okeanos Marshall Islands’ and Okeanos Messenger’s vaka reunion

After a reunion in Majuro, Vaka Okeanos Messenger and Okeanos Marshall Islands both prepared for their respective departures.

During Okeanos Messenger’s time in Majuro, both crews participated in a rubbish collection day, organized by Okeanos Marshall Islands, Jambo Arts and the Marshall Islands Conservation Society (MICS). Together with a group of youths, they headed out to Enigu Island which is towards the end of the lagoon where they collected a total of 12 sacks of trash. The youth put the trash together to create works of art from it and also spread it all out on the ground to take drone shots of it. A great community work which was inspiring and satisfactory for crew, the youth and the local community and of course good for the environment.

Okeanos Marshall Islands and Okeanos Messenger Vaka Motus sail together with Marshallese traditional canoes of Waan Aelõñ in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) in the Majuro, Marshall Islands lagoon.

Okeanos Messenger now continues its voyage from the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) to the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) after more than 3,000 miles of voyaging from New Zealand to Kiribati, then to Majuro. Now the crew is on its way to Pohnpei for the vaka’s highly anticipated homecoming.

At the same time, Okeanos Marshall Islands loaded cargo and departed to transport much needed food supplies to the outer island communities, e.g. the community of Maloelap Atoll.

Once the preparations were finished – all was checked, provisions, fuel and coconut oil loaded, briefings held – prayers were said, and Okeanos Marshall Islands and Okeanos Messenger embarked on their separate journeys.

Both vaka raced into the sun as it set on the other side, knowing it will rise to light the way the next day. May Lokomran (Marshallese God of weather and seas) be with you during your separate important voyages!