Okeanos Vaka Motu

Vaka = boat, Motu = island

Boat for inter-islands transportation

Okeanos Vaka Moana

Vaka = boat, Moana = ocean

Boat for the ocean – for cultural revival and high seas voyages

For almost a decade, our focus has been supporting the construction of traditionally designed Polynesian sailing vessels called “vakas” (canoes). Together with Pacific voyaging societies, Okeanos supports the development of vakas designed from information shared by many different island groups, resulting in sailing vessels specific to Pacific inter-island transport that are culturally meaningful and environmentally sustainable while satisfying all sea transportation needs.

Over the last years we built two kinds of boat: the open-ocean sailing canoe Vaka Moana, and a smaller version of the ‘Vaka Moana’ – the Vaka Motu – which is a very versatile and eco-friendly work boat for the islands.

Our main focus is on the expansion of our Vaka Motu network accross the Pacific as our experiences have shown that this type of boat is perfectly suited for a reliable and sustainable transport of people, food, medicine, and supplies between South Pacific Islands. The vaka technology that is implemented in the Vaka Motus connects the best of the past with the best of the future.