Our foundation has a comprehensive media database with numerous pictures that either we, professional photographers or other people who kindly provided their photos to us have taken. There are pictures of our projects in the Pacific, with a focus on pictures that were taken during the great ‘Te Mana O Te Moana’ sailing voyage, plenty of pictures of our Vaka Motus and their journeys, whale shots above and under water as well as pictures of ceremonies, festivals and people in the Pacific.

You may get access to the media database if you send an email to registration@okeanos-media.org, explain the designated use of the pictures and provide your personal or organization’s contact details (including your name, your organization’s/company’s name, full address, telephone number and email address). We are also happy to establish the contact to the photographer so that you may clarify the conditions of use bilaterally.

For non-commercial purposes (education, science, training etc) we can provide our own pictures or those for which we got full picture rights free of charge. Please kindly consult our General Terms and Conditions for full information.

To access the media database once you got an account and your access details please go to www.okeanos-media.org.