Okeanos Pearl Specifications

– Soelcat 12 –

Type: Solar electric catamaran
Length: 11.80 m / 38.7 ft
Width: 6.2 m / 20 ft
Draft: 0.70 m / 2.2 ft
Displacement: 6 tons
Max Speed: 13 kn
Speed Service: 8 kn

Crew: 4
Passengers: 12
CE Category: C

Engines: 2x Inboard Electric Motors
Battery Capacity: 2 x 60 kWh
Electric Motor: 2 x 30 kWh
Solar Panels: 8.6 kWp

In June 2017, Okeanos Foundation and Soel Yachts launched our first vessel type called ‘OKEANOS PEARL’ (SoelCat 12) – a boat for transportation within lagoons. It combines the most current and innovative use of the fiberglass-epoxy-resin construction process with a solid solar technology and electric power system designed by Naval DC, which delivers all the solar electric and hybrid propulsion systems to the Okeanos Vakas.

The Okeanos Pearl has a wide range of use, including daily inter-island transportation of passengers, shuttle services for tourists between the airport and their hotel, reef excursions, whale watching, sunset tours, dive operation trips, school bus shuttle services, and express cargo operation. It is able to ferry 12 passengers and four crew members with luggage and little cargo.

Read our blog to learn more about Okeanos Pearl’s first successful launch in Bora Bora – a groundbreaking step in bringing sustainable sea transportation to French Polynesia. For more information about Okeanos Pearl please contact us by email to mail@okeanos-foundation.org.