Jan 24, 2018

Palau’s Vaka Motu Makes Progress

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Only two months after President Remengesau’s COP23 announcement of a regional Green Climate Fund proposal for a network of Okeanos Vaka Motus, boatbuilders in Auckland have been working tirelessly to make the Palau president’s vision a reality.

Intricate details are carved into the hoi – the traditional wooden paddle that allows voyagers to steer the vaka motu.

Both fiberglass hulls are complete with the wooden deck in progress.

The construction of Okeanos Palau is well underway with both hulls and its hoi already at completion.

A work in progress inside Palau’s vaka motu.

Okeanos Foundation for the Sea’s first vaka motu of 2018 will be headed to the shores of Palau in late spring where it will serve the Pacific nation’s trendsetting conservation initiatives and assist outer island communities with much needed cargo transportation. The traditionally designed, fossil fuel-free sailing canoe will help meet Palau’s 45% Renewable Energy target by 2025, among other goals, as listed in their INDC.

In parallel with the construction of Palau’s vaka motu, Okeanos Foundation is accepting applications for general managers, skippers and crew to work for the limited business supported by the vaka motu once it reaches its resident country. To apply, please visit: https://okeanos-foundation.org/job-opportunities/