Dec 7, 2016

Okeanos Vanuatu’s first sunset cruise from Port Vila

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We left the harbour at 1800 as some of course guest were scheduled on “island time”. In a way, it gave us the time to meet some of the young people whom we took on board. They were coming from all over the Pacific: Cook Island, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands. All under the umbrella of the SPC, here for a workshop on youth development and how to create jobs and micro-entreprises for young persons in difficulty. Two great initiatives meeting on the waters of Port-vila.



After a comforting safety talk from our Captain Peni, we sailed quietly West towards Malapoa and Mele bay. The sunset was shy, slightly covered by clouds and a P&O ferry passing by.


Our guest brought some food for themselves, coconut and chats were part of the good atmosphere on the Vaka. Jeffry and Jonathan were at the same time with the guests and always keeping an eye on the Vaka. Jeffry, as he has been bartender before, was the perfect host and took special care of one the students, a blind lady. Jonathan on the other hand was really keen on showing the students how to steer. His shyness started to fade away.


Peni was a real pro, not only as a captain, but also as a storyteller, and told us all about of the Vaka and its big voyages. Leaving everybody quite, listening. Iva was a wonderful asset to this trip; always there to make people laugh and an excellent navigator. Teaching skills at its finest.

We turned around and kept on chatting and sailing until we reached Port-vila.


Post by Grégoire Moutardier, Managing Director of Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd. in Port-vila, Vanuatu

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