Sep 1, 2016

OKEANOS VANUATU – Blog 1 (Sept 01, 5:51am)

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Hi family and friends, its day 5 out here out on the Moana. Its our morning watch for me and Ju.

This morning we have a beautiful sunrise to greet us and the weather is just perfect. Its been nice smooth sailing and the ocean is just rocking us like a baby.

While I’m writing this, Zane is making us breakfast and Steven is doing his morning exercise and Captain Ben is just sitting here waiting for me to get off this laptop so he can send his daily reports and his positions. For Tawh and Morae…they are still sleeping.

This trip we have a bit of a mixture of Pacific voyagers on board our beautiful newly refurbished Vaka, the OKEANOS VANUATU. Morae from Tahiti, Tawh the Maori, Peia from Cook Islands and the four Fijians, Iva, Zane, Steven and Captain Ben.

Everyone is well and happy on board..we are looking forward to arriving in Vanuatu… it’s been a long cold 3 months in Aotearoa but been worth the hard work and the sacrifices we’ve all made.

That’s all from me, Iva for now. I might get one of the crew to write up another blog.

Big Love From The Crew.

Team Okeanos