Sep 3, 2016

OKEANOS VANUATU – Sept. 3, 8:32am

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Bula bula, kia kaha

Been a week out here on the water and we are getting to the time where we have heard the same songs a bit too much and we have totally exhausted our music diversity lol. Tried playing some Muse yesterday Han and that didn’t go down as well as i thought it would ahahaha.

Also after a week we have done the usual pointing finger at the watch with the most wind and of course the one with the least. Lucky i think we lie somewhere in the middle. Also giving Maurai a bit of stick at the moment cause the last 2 days i’ve had good wind on the hoe and then it dies down when he is steering. U know, the usual Pasifika poking fun at each other something like you mustn’t be praying good enough etc…

…jumps on hoe…

and i’m back whanau, just finished boosting 10 knots…
Iva just woke up angry and hungry… hangry lol.. hangriest. Making lots of funny videos that will end up on fb/youtube etc for you all to be even more jealous ahahah.

Special shout out to our Fijian Maori brother, KAIPARA, love you lots bro. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and also to Tamati. Could someone please pass this on to him if you have his email/facebook. lots of love on your b’day from the Okeanos crew.

Anyway that’s us for today

Position @ 0900 3/09/16
Somewhere in the Pacific ocean 400NM from Vanuatu
S24 19.469′ E170 39.600′
COG 345
ETA mon/tue

Okeanos Vanuatu