Sep 2, 2016

OKEANOS VANUATU – Sept. 2, 1:07pm

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Bula, Kia ora(na), Kia kaha!

Day 7 on board Okeanos-Vanuatu somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

It’s been a beautiful day today on the moana, the sun is shining but the wind is light. So, we have been using our new coconut oil engine to move through the water towards Vanuatu. Also all of the crew is happy that we have reached more tropical weather and no longer need to wear lots of warm clothes.

The moana has been so kind to us gifting us 2 big eye tuna, which Iva made into a curry, Steven made into coconut milk dish and Maurai made into Tahitian raw fish. With a few more days ahead before reaching Vanuatu, we hope that the moana will provide us with more kai. Beyond the fish the food has been well prepared by the crew, with everyone gets to share their own style of cooking.

At the moment it is Maurai and Tawhana on watch enjoying the sun. All of the watches are running smoothly as all of the crew are well experienced and know what is necessary to complete the voyage to Vanuatu.

@1200 2 Sept 2016
Position: S26 30.64′, E171 30.52′
COG: 340
SOG: 5.5knots

loloma levu mai, arohanui, lots of love,
Okeanos Vanuatu Crew Standing by