Sep 2, 2016

OKEANOS VANUATU – Sept. 1, 11:28pm

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Kia ora fanau,

So it’s day 6 already on-board Okeanos to Vanuatu halfway between Aukalani and Port Vila. Just a bit of an unofficial update for everyone wondering how we are.

It’s been sweet as on-board, had a few rough days Monday Tuesday (bit of a 180 on the forecast we got on Saturday lol) getting smashed by the Low that passed over Aotearoa, but it’s all cleared up now, forecast is to be pretty smooth sailing the whole way there.

Fishing lines have been out dawn to dusk bro Pat 😉 and not doing too bad. Caught a couple of fish (big eye tuna), one today, so of course we have been well fed. Ready for that big Mahimahi now 🙂. Also got the fridge freezer on board so we have plenty meat and soon maybe even some chilled water when we get hot, that’s the Uncle Lee styles there.

Been keeping fit and doing zumba on board lol. Good ol Steve still the same keeping us entertained with his dance moves lol. Also Iva, Ju and myself getting in there and even cuzn Maurai with his Tahitian styles. We doing the odd pushup and situp too to maintain, but the hoe has been heavier than expected so getting good work out from that as well.

2 in a watch is new for me, but it has been working all good. Maurai is in my watch, Iva and Ju, and Steve and Zane, with Capt. Peni setting our course. We also going old school 3 hour watches which is sweet as, plenty sleep and time for chill and talk story. I tell you every time i wanna go to sleep Steve’s got one crack up of a story to tell before i go down. When i get back to Aotearoa i got some good ones to share, esp Kimbo cuz got some crack up examples of kia oras that made me think of your hongi uncles lol.

Skipper Peni been doing a mean job. He’s been helping out on our watch a little cause Maurai had the hatch drop on his hand, which i swear is no. 1 hazard on-board. But honestly the crew is all solid so we don’t have any slackers or the sort, and some mint cooks on-board as well, am learning some new Fiji style recipes. Shaia, miss your chutneys, picked onions, etc… loving the chantals organic peanut butter though…

Been testing the Coconut Oil Engines out a little bit. Maybe out of interest Jacko is that they need diesel to prime the engine if the coconut oil isn’t liquid. Takes about 10mns in Aotearoa temp to warm up the coconut oil. The engines have been running smooth though and the best bit is that it’s clean burning and the smell is pleasant, smells like…well… coconut oil. we haven’t even tested full throttle but still got 8.5knots out of it,at 1500rpm we getting about 5knots. the only nuisance is the noise i guess but that’s all engines.

So yeah other than that we all enjoying ourselves and having fun as usual. Got a few more videos and pics to share once we get back home. not sure when that will be though lol. Really enjoying this too much…living the dream. Probably gonna be in Vanuatu for a couple of weeks but don’t know when exactly…

FYI….those that miss sailing and want to get out again…Tonga – Aotearoa on Rangi, next month…

So that’s it from me. Send us a email.. we love that. 🙂

For those that may be interested….this is our current position as i write this blog 🙂

AS AT 2030 1/9/16 NZ Time
Position: S27 49.461 E171 48.785 (copy and paste those coordinates into Google maps and it should show you where we are)
Spd: 6knts
Course: 350T
Distance to Vanuatu: 635NM
ETA Monday to Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Love you all,
Tawhana (Okeanos-Vanuatu, Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, standing by channel 69, moce mada)