Sep 4, 2016

OKEANOS VANUATU – Sept. 4, 12pm

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Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there…

Day 9:

Life on Okeanos has been sweet. the food from the galley has been delicious, especially three pot Lolo Bun Saturday thanks to skipper Peni, which the crew is still smashing a day later.

Friends of the ocean are also making regular visits with a pod of pilot whales saying bula and kia ora this morning and sperm whales visiting yesterday. We also forgot to mention that we noticed that everytime we pass Opua, NZ, a pod of dolphins welcome or farewell us on our way.

Unfortunately for us the lures have remained untouched the last few days, which we have noticed is common after passing fishing boats on the ocean.

The coconut engines are running smoothly and very efficiently, so it will hopefully be a hit with the islands.

The cold weather is well behind us, which the crew is more than happy to leave behind, and welcome the warm tropical climate. The sea has been so kind to us the last few days and the wind is holding as well. Helping us get closer and closer to the land that we seek.

The crew are getting more and more excited about reaching Vanuatu and can’t wait to see old friends and family again, after 3 months of being away. Even though it is always good to be sailing on the ocean, it is also good to be with those that you love.

Anyway, have a blessed Sunday from the Okeanos crew. much love, Okeanos standing by.

Position @ 1200 on 04.09.16
S21 25.9′ E169 32.4′
COG 340
SOG 7-8knots

moce mada,
Team Okeanos