Apr 1, 2020

Okeanos training sail for group of young voyagers in Palau

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Earlier this month, before the travel restrictions relating to the emergence of the Corona virus in several Pacific island states took effect, our crew of Okeanos Palau sailed to Kayangel (Palau), training a group of young voyagers in traditional navigation.

In collaboration with the Governor of Kayangel, Okeanos Palau sailed to Kayangel State as a Youth Day Activity. Held every March 15th in Palau, Youth Day is one of the most important holidays in Palau that focuses on celebrating the role of youth in shaping Palau government and society.

The young navigators learned night sailing with stars. During their sail the group saw pilot whales in the North about 5 miles west of Kayangel, then again in the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon just before entering the lighthouse at Ngederrak in Koror. The dolphins occasionally came to entertain and escort the vaka out of Kayangel lagoon.

Photos by Joyce Kloulechad Beouch