Sep 26, 2019

Okeanos Messenger serves as medical emergency transport vessel in Pohnpei

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Last Friday, 20 September, our vaka in Pohnpei, the Okeanos Messenger, departed on a scheduled trip for the Pingelap municipal government transporting 3t of goods and 6 passengers from Pohnpei to Pingelap.

On their arrival in Pingelap they learned that 4 sick people, 3 adults and 1 kid, including a pregnant women with complications, were waiting in Pingelap for transportation to the hospital in Pohnpei.

As the sick people chose not to wait any longer for another means of transport with an uncertain arrival date, Okeanos Messenger took the sick people plus three more passengers on board and made the 160nm back to Pohnpei in 28 hours, transporting these people while at the same time saving CO2 by using the sails as the main propulsion. They also transported another 2t of cargo. Upon arrival the ambulance was waiting at the dock and took the pregnant woman to the hospital. The passengers were extremely grateful for the prompt reaction and transportation to Pohnpei.

The crew of Okeanos Pohnpei (from left: Clement Urseram (Captain), Delensa Sackryas (Crew), Ardaseldo John (Crew), Alan Semens (Operations Manager), sitting: Gino Ladore (Crew), missing: Tyron Jano (Crew))