Nov 22, 2018

Okeanos Marshall Islands supplies outer islands with local crops and goods

Ebeye community has always been extremely limited with supply of local crops and goods. Therefore, Okeanos Marshall Islands (OMI) and MISCO Market join forces in a pilot initiative to try and meet the needs of the people in Ebeye, Kwajlein Atoll.

The canoe is loaded with local produce including bananas, taros, breadfruits, pandanus, tomatos, papayas, dried goods, fish and other locally preserved foods, spices and handicrafts.

The canoe has departed yesterday, November 21st, and should be arriving on the 23rd and be ready for the community and JRD’s main event on Sunday.

Kommol tata MISCO and OMI crew for putting the people’s need first.

After Ebeye, OMI will sail to Namu Atoll where MISCO will buy local food from the Namu Community and load it onto the vessel to transport for the people in Majuro.

By Dustin Langidrik, Managing Director Okeanos Marshall Islands, posted on Facebook on 21 November 2018