Jul 6, 2018

Okeanos Marshall Islands sails to Kiribati for the country’s Independence Day Celebration

At the invitation of Kiribati president Taneti Mamau, Okeanos Marshall Islands sails to Kiribati to join their Independence Day Celebration on July 12th. Angelo Smith is the captain for this exciting voyage. Ivanancy Vunikura is happy to be reunited with her longtime sailing mate.

Crew member Iva Vunikura (on the right), Captain Angelo Smith second from the left

The Okeanos Marshall Islands vaka and crew departed Majuro for Tarawa on 6 July. Upon arrival the team wants to share with the people and the government of Kiribati the successful stories of OMI servicing the outer island communities of the Marshall Islands in meeting their transport needs with Okeanos’ sustainable sea transport efforts. The vaka will be part of the activities related to the Independence Day celebrations, e.g. the crew will be offering free sails for the public.

About a year ago, on 22 June 2017, Okeanos Marshall Islands (OMI) made its maiden sail from Auckland, escorting Hokulea Crew from Tahiti to Hawaii to be greeted by thousands during the #MalamaHonua Homecoming ceremony.

Today, OMI has serviced over 8 atolls in the Marshall Island and continues to find innovative ways to meet the needs of outer island communities.

Ray Tebuteb, Iva Vunikura and Sunshine Lang onboard Okeanos Marshall Islands at arrival in Hawaii

2nd and 3rd picture by Sean Grado; post by Okeanos Foundation