Jun 6, 2018

Okeanos Marshall Islands engages with the Kids Summer Program in Majuro

OMI received funds from Kora In Okrane – KIO‘s to conduct a week-long training course for KIO’s “Summer Brain Gain” Program. The Okeanos Marshall Islands crew was extremely honored to be a part of this very meaningful and interesting initiative.

OMI engaged with the program on Sustainable Sea Transportation, traditional Marshallese knowledge on traditional canoes, teaching kids of all the parts of the Marshallese canoe (Tipnol & Walap), their significances and their correlation with culture and sustainable livelihoods.

Kids have also been introduced to the basics of the traditional Marshallese navigational stickcharts and a practical experience of sailing with Okeanos Marshall Islands, lastly a dialogue on sustainable environmental advocacy.

This is Okeanos RMI’s report from their fourth day with the kids and parents in Majuro:

“Iakwe and Bula from Okeanos Marshall Islands!

Weather- very light winds with clouds shattered around.

It’s OMI’s fourth day engaging with the Summer Program here in Majuro. Kids and a few parents were briefed about our safety procedures and off we set sail into the lagoon. One of the training crew captains, Elmi, has shared the knowledge of their traditional way finding, the stick chart to the kids, and the message of Okeanos Foudation is also shared. Kids were eager to learn about their own Walap. We anchored at a very well known picnic spot here in Majuro for 20 minutes, served lunch and a few refreshments,  kids got to have a bit of a swim until we were ready to head back.

This programme goes on for the whole week with different groups everyday but with the same message shared. This is to get the kid’s brains working during this summer break.

Kids, vaka and crew are well and safe.”