Mar 7, 2018

Okeanos Marshall Islands delivers goods and supplies to Naarmej Island

Our walap (Vaka Motu) ‘Okeanos Marshall Islands’ and crew were gracefully received and welcomed by the Community of Naarmej Island in Jaluit Atoll as the walap beached and the crew and community members offloaded the goods and food supplies together. These goods and supplies will provide for the Naarmej community members and neighboring islands for another three months.


A total of 3 tons of cargo with 5 passengers was delivered, bringing in local business goods/supplies to the people and community of Naarmej Island. Naarmej has an elementary school of some 60 students and a total of around 100 plus people, and these goods are going to the only local business in Naarmej where all the people buy their food and goods from. This local business is also the only store for all the other neighboring islands.

In one of these islands another main community houses another elementary school on the far southwest of the atoll.

Okeanos Marshall Islands and Okeanos – Foundation for the Sea are honored to support Honorable Senators Daisy Rimae Alik-Momotaro, Casten Nemra, the mayor and the local council of Jaluit, to meet the daily needs of the Jaluit Atoll Communities.