Jun 23, 2017

Okeanos Marshall Islands Arrives at Magic Island

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Okeanos Foundation‘s vaka motu Okeanos Marshall Islands escorted Hokule’a with a fleet of canoes during the Malama Honua Homecoming ceremony at Magic Island on June 20, 2017.

After its launch in Auckland, the Okeanos Marshall Islands crew joined Hokule’a on its historic leg from Tahiti to Hawaii – spending a total of nearly 50 days at sea.

After its stay in Hawai’i, the vaka will sail to its home in the Marshall Islands where it will be used for sustainable sea transportation.

Photo Credit: Sean Grado @seangrado

For more pictures of Hokule’a’s Worldwide Voyage Homecoming visit their Facebook page.

The full report Hōkūleʻa Returns Home can be found on Hokule’a’s website.