Sep 22, 2018

Okeanos Marianas’ disaster relief after typhoon Mangkhut

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On 6 September the crew of Okeanos Marianas prepared for a cargo run to Luta (Rota), one of their neighboring islands to the south. The cargo contained almost 100 cases of milk and 40+ cases of juice among other things. They also sailed a jack for a car and a compressor. Although in the same Mariana island chain, Luta suffers from high cost of transporting goods, which the people have to rely on.

Just shortly after the crew’s cargo run to Rota, the island was damaged badly by Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm to hit Rota since 2002. The Category two typhoon brought maximum sustained winds of over 160 kilometres per hour to the island. The island’s main village of Songsong has suffered widespread damage.

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Radio New Zealand reported that toppled trees were sprawled across the main roads, power poles and transformers littered the island, and numerous homes were left without roofs or were toppled altogether. Hundreds of residents are said to have lost their homes with over 40 people currently seeking shelter at the Rota Office on Aging.

The US government has declared a state of disaster emergency in the CNMI and assistance has been deployed. Power was down in several parts of the island and water has not been readily available.

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Okeanos Marianas participated in the disaster relief work after the typhoon and delivered 6,000 plus lbs of cargo goods that was sailed to Rota to help the community.

FEMA FCO Nunn and CNMI Governor Ralph DLG. Torres with vaka Okeanos Marianas and crew; Picture credit: Governor Ralph DLG. Torres

Source: Radio New Zealand and Okeanos Marianas