Dec 30, 2017

Okeanos delivers early gift

All five inhabited islands in Maloelap Atoll reported experiencing food shortages for the past three months. Local food crops are slowly recovering from the recent drought, said Dustin Langidrik, who manages the Okeanos vessel in RMI.

Picture credit: Iva Vunikura, Okeanos Marshall Islands

“Just in time for the Christmas, and where needed most, Okeanos Marshall Islands delivered a relief response with food supplies from the RMI government to all five inhabited islands in Maloelap Atoll,” said Langidrik of Okeanos’ food distribution visit last week. He thanked the Office of the President and the national government.

The Okeanos canoe utilized the wind, sailing to and from Maloelap with cruising speed of seven knots, he said.

* * *

This was posted by the Marshall Islands Journal on 28 December 2017. Read more about this in their December 29, 2017 edition