Oct 11, 2016

Okeanos Aotearoa blog – 9 October 2016

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Aloha, Kiora, Korana, Malo e lelei, and iorana.

Well, the boobie is gone, a couple of the crew members placed him on the solar panels to get some sun and he took off. He is missed by some of the crew but it was good he went that morning because he probably wouldn’t have liked the ride we had that night and for the next couple of days.

We ran into a cold front that chucked us around for a bit, but it was all good. Junior reminded Nofo and Vihai to fasten their seat belts, keep their hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, and to enjoy the ride. Kona was able to use some balancing techniques from his colt breaking days while he sat on a deck box waiting for his turn on the hoe’uli, but those didn’t keep him from getting bucked out of his bunk in the starboard bow later that night. All in all it was a lot of work but good fun, gusts of wind were from 35-40 knots and during the midnight to 3 am shift Saturday morning the boat was hit by a triple set of waves that washed over the deck. We got hit by those and some other pretty intense waves but nothing that a crazy sailor wouldn’t laugh at, which Toiora did, but then again if there was anything he wouldn’t laugh at then this keyboard would probably be at the bottom of the sea right now.

The swells have calmed back down quite a bit, our sails are back up with no reefs, and slowly but surely we are making our way towards our destination. The Southern cross is now high enough in the sky that instead of setting like we are used to it doing it just spins in front of us, and the higher it gets into the sky the lower the temperature is. Our cooks are getting more and more creative with the stores we have as or food supplies get shorter.

All is well with the waka and crew. Malo aupito for all of the thoughts and prayers. Ofa lahi atu and good night.

Lat 31 28.66′ S
Lon 179 15.23′ E
Okeanos Aotearoa