Oct 9, 2016

Okeanos Aotearoa blog – 5 October 2016

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On Monday, after half a day of no wind, lots of sun, and prime swimming conditions, captain Aunofo cut the engines to let the solar charge up while the rest of crew jumped over the side, having a diving and bomb competition, which Kona won. The day ended with winds picking up slightly and a beautiful sunset.

With slow movement again on Tuesday morning, Toiora, Peia Junior and Maurai pulled out a couple of paddles and rowed from the stern to help us move along. How much this act actually helped is still being debated but Junior is convinced that they bumped us up for at least 0.1 knots for a good solid second. Because of these low winds only 11 nm were covered from Tuesday evening 6 pm until 6 am Wednesday morning, but our spirits raised with the sun as a steady South West wind rolled in. We’ve been cruising above 5 knots since then.

Junior has been trolling with lures for days now hoping for a catch, which he got today, but it wasn’t exactly what he had expected. A boobie that had flown by was apparently more attracted to Junior’s lure than the fish were and dove down to eat it, getting the hook caught in his beak. With the rest of the crew resting at the time, Aunofo spotted the diving bird and just after Vihai quickly pulled him in and freed him from the lure, but the bird was rather exhausted from the ordeal, so he is now relaxing in our starboard stern with a meal of a flying fish that joined us last night and a side of banana, which he doesn’t seem to be interest in. Aunofo thinks his presence is good luck, Peia Junior thinks it would make a good meal, the rest of the crew is just worried about him biting us as we slip past him to the toilet or to take showers.

Today included preparations for a couple of up coming lows and a review of safety procedures by Aunofo. Naturally we don’t expect to have very much difficulty, in fact the crew is excited for the adventurous change of conditions, but we are prepared for the worst none the less.

We are grateful for the thoughts and prayers that have been with us.
Maururu, ofa lahi atu, pomarie, kakite and aloha.

Lat 26 40.94′ S
Lon 179 04.93′ W