Oct 5, 2016

Okeanos Aotearoa blog – 3 October 2016

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It’s been good sailing since departing Tongatapu on Thursday afternoon with our mixed crew of 6 from across the Pacific. Captain Aunofo Havea and Vihai Latavao from Tonga, Maurai Villa from Tahiti, Kona Van Wagoner from Hawai’i, Toiora Hawira from Aotearoa, and Peia Junior Patai from the Cook Islands.

We’ve been joined along the voyage by breaching humpback whales, schools of Mahimahi swimming in our wake, yellow finned tuna jumping around us and sharks stealing those tuna off of our fishing lines, but we don’t mind sharing, because we were still able to pull in three more of them in under five minutes.

On Saturday morning we passed ‘Ata Island, the furthest South most island in the Tongan chain, and fittingly so as it is one of the most majestic Tongan islands with high green mountain peaks, colorful cliff coasts, and jagged rock pillars like guardians surrounding its shores.

Winds from the South East had built up until Sunday night, giving us a top speed of 7.2 knots and helping us swiftly along our way to Aotearoa. Around midnight the winds dropped off and we’ve been solar motoring over a sea of glass since then, but the entire crew is still in good spirits enjoying the peace of the ocean and excited for the voyage to come.

Latitude 24 36.72′ S
Longitude 177 56.09’ W

Okeanos Aotearoa