Nov 18, 2020

New Caledonian Canoe ‘Meryemana’ restored to old beauty

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Built in New Caledonia in 2009, the double hull canoe Meryemana has gone through a fascinating transition led by ‘Association Vakaledonie’, in cooperation with youth development, supported by partners from the private sector, with many helping hands and knowledge of local elders involved.

For several days in a row, young people were able to discover their abilities in and passion for maritime carpentry work. The result of that project is remarkable and groundbreaking. After countless hours of hard work, an almost brand new canoe was being launched.

Next step will be the building up of a sailing crew. Okeanos is sending congratulations to everyone involved and wishes safe travels on board of the beautiful Meryemana!

Input and pictures provided by Association Vakaledonie, copy by Jana Steingässer, Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, 18 Nov 2020