Mar 26, 2019

Meet Okeanos Marshall Islands Captain Elmi Juonran

Today we’d like to introduce you to our Okeanos Marshall Islands captain Elmi Juonran.

Captain Elmi was trained by Alson Kelen through the Waan Aelõñ in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) traditional sailing school in Majuro, Marshall Islands (RMI) and then, after commencing his work for Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd. Marshall Islands in Auckland, New Zealand, at the Okeanos Maritime Training Center by Master Navigator Peia Patai and Christine Biesgen (Okeanos Head of In-Country Operations & Development).

Elmi Juonran at the Okeanos Maritime Training Center with Vaka Fleet Commander and Pwo Navigator Peia Patai and Okeanos’ Head of In-Country Operations Christine Biesgen

Elmi is a passionate and experienced sailor and proud to sail the Vaka Motu or ‘walap’ open ocean sailing canoe to service Marshall Islands’ remote island communities.

Captain Elmi with fellow crew member Andy Langidrik on walap ‘Okeanos Marshall Islands’

In the following short video Captain Elmi shares the vision for professional sailing opportunities for future Marshallese youth that is inspiring discussions for traditionally-based open ocean training programs in RMI and other countries.


Filmed by Chewy Lin, Steve Holloway, Simon Baumfield, Dan Lin