Okeanos recognises that constant training, the transfer of knowledge and expertise, are key for successful capacity building. To build capacity and at the same time ensuring the safety and quality of Okeanos operations, Okeanos is offering a number of trainings in the Pacific for their captains and crew.  

Seamanship Trainings for external students are planned for the near future in partnership with the College of Micronesia.

The Okeanos core trainings are the Seamanship Course I and II:

Seamanship Course I

Compulsory training for all crew working on Okeanos Vakas

Aim:            Essential safety and Vaka sailing knowledge

Delivery:     Classroom and practical training

Duration:    3 months

The course covers safety on board, Vaka handling, navigation, tides, weather, rules and regulations, emergencies, basic knots & splices, as well as ethics & behavior on board.

Part of the Seamanship Course I is also a Fire Fighting and First Aid course delivered by external providers.


Seamanship Course II

Compulsory training for all captains working on Okeanos Vakas

Aim:            Comprehensive knowledge of Okeanos standards and procedures and leadership

Delivery:     Classroom and practical training

Duration:    1-3 months depending on the level of experience

This advanced course goes beyond the basics. A thorough understanding safety procedures, Vaka handling under sail and engine, chartwork, navigation techniques, emergency procedures,  maintenance, reporting requirements and rope work is provided.

The course also covers Leadership training and a Train the Trainer module to assist the Captains in future trainings of the crew. Part of the Seamanship Course II is also an Offshore Medical Kit training delivered by external providers.

All Okeanos Training Courses require the students to pass theoretical exams of the different units and practical assessments at sea.

According to Okeanos’ philosophy, the trainings are mostly based on a hands-on practical learning  on the Vaka but also backed up by a theoretic approach in a classroom, led by experienced and competent internal as well as external instructors.

To get more information about the Okeanos Maritime Training please send us an email to training@okeanos-foundation.org.