Jul 1, 2019

Let’s go for the Melanesian Vanua Tour

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The Kenu One Project Association continues its adventures across Oceania. This time, it is the canoe of Okeanos Vanuatu that connects Port Vila to New Caledonia. It is still a question of reconnecting with the art of travel aboard large oceanic canoes.

© Okeanos Vanuatu

A return to ocean navigation, this is what the association Kenu One Project proposes. Its members embark this Tuesday in Port-Vila with the professional crew of Okeanos Vanuatu to join the voyage from Vanuatu to New Caledonia on board of the double-hull canoe called Vaka Motu.

A cultural transmission

It is a means of transport but also and above all a means of cultural transmission. The canoe is making its comeback on the occasion of the Melanesian Vanua Tour, an exceptional journey that will be shared with the public.

“What we are really waiting for is that the population discovers and becomes familiar with the canoe and also with the sea beyond the lagoon, because it is in these waters that we want to take them. And we really hope that the people can see the potential of the canoe, both at the educational level and at the cultural level, then at the economic level”, explains Jonathan Tikouré of Kenu One Project. “We want to convince people that it could help us.”

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By Caroline Moureaux and Alix Madec for Nouvelle Calédonie 1, 25 June 2019

Beautiful pictures of Okeanos Vanuatu in New Caledonia can be found on the Kenu One Project Facebook page.