At Okeanos Foundation for the Sea and our local companies, the Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltds, we are expanding our activities to new locations in the South Pacific Islands region with the aim to establish a broad and reliable vaka network for sustainable sea transportation.

For each new location, we need self-motivated, collaborative and proactive Pacific Island people with relevant skills and areas of expertise. All applicants should be familiar with our vaka project and have appropriate sailing skills (depending on the individual job requirements as specified in the job description). Knowledge about Okeanos’ high standards of professional sailing, boat building and safety is imparted in the Okeanos Training Center in Auckland by our Vaka Operation Manager and Pwo Navigator captain Peia Patai and other professional trainers.

Okeanos’ dedicated work over the past decade has fostered a renaissance in traditional Polynesian boat construction, sailing and navigational training that has inspired innovative, culturally based solutions to the challenges Pacific islands are facing.

The Okeanos vision for the Pacific is based on the fundamentally holistic principle that the solutions to the urgent problems islanders are facing require respecting and building upon traditional knowledge to prepare for the future. Okeanos’ developing modern sailing canoes and supporting vaka-based initiatives provides visible evidence of the effectiveness of modernized Polynesian sustainable sea transportation to be fully embraced at the local level for a variety of purposes.

Today, the real world use and implementation of Okeanos Vakas in 10 Pacific countries, Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawai’i, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Pohnpei, Samoa, Tahiti, Vanuatu, and Yap is proof of concept, a realization of the potential and need for a pan-Pacific vaka network. We are soon going to recruit and train new crews for our Vaka Motus which are going to be operated in even more Pacific island nations.

Apply your passion, skills, and talents to helping us establish a pan-Pacific vaka network for the benefit of the ocean and Pacific islanders.


Operations Manager for Marshall Islands (see position description Operations Manager)

Licensed Captains for Micronesia (see position description Captain)

Licensed Captain for Yap (see position description Captain)

Crew for Palau (see position description Crew)

Applicants must have open ocean sailing experience, professional and cooperative disposition, and be committed to working full time as part of team operating traditional sailing canoe equipped with photovoltaic panels and engines fueled by coconut biofuel.

Full time salaried positions include individualized training on Vaka Motu.

Please submit resumes and letters of interest for captain and crew positions addressed to Captain Peia Patai, for a Operations Manager position addressed to Head of  Operations Christine Biesgen.


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