Sep 19, 2016

Finding Balance

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Day 51. S00deg09min W140deg18min.

Te Pito O Atea. The Navel of Atea – Goddess of the Air. The Equator.

The middle of our Earth. Joining point between North and South.

A place of balance. A place where we pray for balance, in our own lives and in the world around us.

On the waka we constantly work for balance and harmony. Between our different personalities, backgrounds and upbringings. The balance between finding time for ourselves while being squashed in a small space with 15 other people. Between focusing on our own needs and being aware of the needs of everyone in the group. Between eating as much as we like and leaving enough for others, eating well and having enough tomorrow, using water as we’d like and making sure there is enough for the future.  
We ask for inner peace and outer expression. To be at ease with ourselves and those around us.

We ask for Consciousness and Awareness of our thoughts and actions, the feelings we have and the way they make us act.
We ask that the Wairua and the Kaha, the Spirit and the Strength that we bring from the South Pacific will inspire those we meet. That our message of Unity between people and with the planet opens the hearts and minds of those we meet.
We give thanks for being here on this rare and beautiful voyage on the broad and beautiful sea in this diverse group of Pacific people.

There’s so much to be thankful for not the least of which is the favour of the Tawhirimatea and Tangaroa. We’ve had perfect sailing conditions for the last 4 days with the prospect of it continuing. After such a hard slog upwind for the last 6 weeks the wind is sitting nearly on our beam(side on to the canoe) at a steady 15knots, the sea is gentle and easy and we’re shooting along at 7-9 knots. Perfect sailing. It’s something we’ve dreamed of. The sky is full of stars to guide us and the moon shines down on the open sea from the West as the night draws on. The mood is bright and bouyant, music floods the deck from guitars and ukes and the stereo helping the time pass and lifting our spirits.

As always our thoughts are often with those at home. Some will see whanau in Hawaii, some will simply be content to talk on the phone or online and we’re getting closer with every day. I know for myself having talked a little bit in NukuHiva I miss my time with my folks, my brothers and their families, my friends. It’s so important to have that connection with home.

Sailing across the Equator is another special thing in this journey full of special things. It’s fantastic to be able to share it with you like this. Thanks for being here with us in spirit and heart.

Dunc and Haunui tuatahi

Posted on June 8, 2011 by Duncan for Pacific Voyagers