Jan 30, 2021

Feedback Loops alarming scientists – a short film series by ‘Mind & Life Institute’

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Scientists call them feedback loops, the vernacular knows them as ‘vicious circles’. The Mind & Life Institute dedicated a series of informative short films to natural warming loops that have scientists alarmed: forests, permafrost, athmosphere and albedo. Feedback loops are caused by accessive human use of fossil fuels and the commercial use of natural resources. Once the vicious circle has accelerated, it is hard to stop. A phenomenon widely underestimated in popular debates about climate change impacts.

Manolo Ty

The informative short films narrated by Richard Gere invite to understand the complex natural systems human civilization depends on as well as the fatal impacts of human action on these systems. But more than that, they advocate unprecedented cooperation between individuals, organisations and nations, pointing out the neccessity to vote for leaders that are heading in the right direction and clarifying that we have technology and knowledge needed to halt the vicious circles. It is a matter of will. And of time. ‘The longer we wait, the harder it gets!’

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