May 28, 2021

COM-FSM Traditional Navigation Class with Grand Master Navigator Ali Haleyalur

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After studying on land the names of the stars, the use of a star compass, naming of the islands and sea-lanes in the Pacific, as well as weather prediction to name a few subjects, it was time for Grand Master Navigator Ali Haleyalur’s students to get rewarded for their hard work on land and venture out to sea.

Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

On Sunday 2 May, 10 Traditional Navigation students sailed out on Okeanos Ambassador under supervision of Captain Jerry Joseph. They had a great day out and got to know parts of a traditional canoe, learned how to steer with a traditional hoi, drop and weigh anchor and how to set sails.

Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

The enthusiastic students can’t wait to their next practice at sea when they will sail at night and practise to navigate by the stars.