Mar 21, 2017

Call for UN to recognise impact of climate change on women

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The Pacific Islands Forum has called on the United Nations to recognise the threat climate change and natural disasters pose to the livelihoods of women in the region.

Nauru’s Education Minister Charmaine Scotty made the call on behalf of the Forum during the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN.

The theme of this year’s session of the Commission is women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work.

High tides in Marshall Islands in March 2016 hit a seawall. Photo: RNZI/Giff Johnson

The Pacific Islands Forum recommended it recognise climate change, disasters and the ongoing threats to oceans and coasts are changing work for Pacific women.

It said women in the region depended on marine resources including fisheries for their employment and well-being.

It has called on other states to support programmes that advance gender equality in activities such as sustainable fisheries management to address food security.

The Forum said it supported efforts to protect oceans.

Published on Radio New Zealand website, 21 March 2017