Oct 20, 2020

Boost for sustainable sea transport in the Marshall Islands by SV Kwai

On 18 September another history in the Marshall Islands was marked with the arrival of the sailing vessel Kwai. SV Kwai sails the vast Pacific Ocean to advocate low carbon emission sea transportation and to raise awareness to the threats of climate change.

It took her 14 days to sail across from Honolulu, Hawaii to Majuro, Marshall Islands. Because of the good leadership of Captain Brad and his crew they arrived safely in our waters. In the past SV Kwai has been sailing from Hawaii to the Cook Islands and Kiribati, delivering supplies to the remote islands of these islands nations. She also did a 45 day voyage around the Pacific Garbage patch on a mission to collect ghost fishing nets and plastic debris.

SV Kwai was built in the 1950’s and is still going strong. She will be based in Majuro for a few months assisting Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation. During her stay both SV Kwai and Okeanos Marshall Islands will jointly be promoting sustainable sea transportation with low carbon emissions.


Okeanos Marshall Islands (OMI) canoe had the honour to pilot the SV Kwai into the main passage to reach her safe anchorage in Majuro with blessings given by the Majuro Princess onboard Okeanos. Onshore a fine welcome reception was received, attended by the President, many of the Minsters and the Council of Chiefs. The keen interest in RMI for reduced carbon emissions was strongly stated in the speeches.

Two days after her arrival the crew of the SV Kwai already started loading their first cargo to sail for Jaluit, Namorik, Ebon, and Kill Islands with a full load of construction material whereas the crew of the SV Okeanos Marshall Islands was busy preparing their next food delivery to the Jabot Islands.

Blog post by Steve Tawake, Operations Coordinator Okeanos Marshall Islands, and Christine Biesgen, Head of Operations Okeanos, 1 October 2020