Activities Pacific

Learn from the past and sail into a low-carbon future!

Our day-to-day operations in the Pacific include boat building, educational program development, sustainable place-based business development, communications and strategies for incorporation of green technologies as well as support for our local non-profit companies that provide sustainable sea transport in Pacific islands states. Our philanthropic foundation provides free management service to assist countries to re-directing money they now spend on fossil fuel based cargo ships toward training and employing local people to independently operate traditionally based modernized fossil-fuel free sailing vessels.


Activities Europe

Set off, dive in and then stand up and spread the message!

We believe that facts about marine environments are important, but encounters with ocean ecosystems and marine life will ultimately inspire young people to act for their protection. However they choose to do so – from research to art works, music or film, from scientific knowledge transfer to emotional storytelling, from political action to social intervention – the first steps are mindful encounters with an environment where all life on earth began and crucial parameters for the survival of human civilizations are being shaped: the world’s oceans.