After the successful two year Te Mana O Te Moana voyage of seven open ocean sailing canoes crossing the Pacific twice, the Polynesian Voyaging Society commissioned Okeanos Foundation to build a Vaka Moana to be a sister vessel to the historic Hokule’a.

In 2012, Pwo navigators Nainoa Thompson and Bruce Blankenfield contracted Okeanos to build Hikianalia, named after the Hawaiian star.

Okeanos agreed to build Hikianlia as an interest free loan for PVS while the voyaging society worked to raise the money for pay back the cost of the vessel.

Hikianalia escorted Hokule’a around the world for three years as part of the Malama Honua World Wide Voyage.

Okeanos CEO Dieter Paulmann with Nainoa Thompson and Bruce Blankenfield signing the contract for Okeanos to build Hikinalia for the Polynesian Voyaging Society.