Okeanos Vanuatu

Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd
P.O. Box 1113
Office: +678 77 35 413

Grégoire Moutardier
Managing Director Okeanos Vanuatu

Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd. is located in Port-Vila, Vanuatu. Vanuatu was Okeanos’ first location where we operate one of our Vaka Motus. As climate change related-issues are rising, Okeanos in Vanuatu proposes alternative ways of  traveling for communities and tourists as well as raising awareness about environmental issues.

Our beautiful Vaka Motu ‘Okeanos Vanuatu’, constructed like a traditional double-hull Polynesian sailing canoe, has been especially designed for inter-islands journeys and is entirely green – purely operated by the wind, the sun and powered by coconut oil.

The ‘Okeanos Vanuatu’ and its crew have helped with disaster relief after cyclone Pam by delivering crops and seedlings to the different islands where the agricultural world was weakened and intend to continue helping Vanuatu, one of the most threatened countries in the world.

Our local team

Okeanos Vanuatu Peni Okeanos Vanuatu Clément Okeanos Vanuatu Grégoire Okeanos Vanuatu Iva Okeanos Vanuatu Jeffry Okeanos Vanuatu Jonathan
Peni Vunaki
– Instructor –
Adjay Zedrack
– Engineer –
Gregoire Moutardier
– Director and Manager –
Iva Vunikura
– Instructor –
Jeffry Pakoa
– Deckhand –
Jonathan Tau
– Captain –