Okeanos Tahiti

Okeanos Transport Maritime Durable
French Polynesia
BP 1964
98703 Punaauia
French Polynesia
Office: +689 8778 4479

Eliane Koller
Director Okeanos French Polynesia

Okeanos Transport Maritime Durable in French Polynesia is located in Papeete, Tahiti at the Gare Maritime.

‘Using what the planet gives for free to meet our needs of transport’

The company is working with a local boat yard, constructing a traditional sailing vaka for inter-island transportation, the Vaka Motu, which operates fossil-fuel free via wind power and is equiped with a coconut oil engine to assure it’s commercial activity in times of no wind. The company is aiming to commercialize these vessels in French Polynesia, mainly in the remote atolls of the Tuamotu-archipelago, where it is most needed.
Another passionate project of the company is the Vaka Hapua, a 100% solar powered lagoon pirogue for green tourism. The prototype of the boat is momentarily being constructed in New Zealand and will arrive in Tahiti in early 2017. Once approved of, the Vaka Hapua can go into serial production in Tahiti just like the Vaka Motu. The company’s two maritime transport projects aims for an overall change to sustainable tourism and sea transport on our islands.