Today, communities throughout the Pacific continue to build upon the training, inspiration, knowledge and empowerment that continues from the Te Mana O Te Moana voyage. This includes Pacific islanders quickly finding ways to use new Vaka Motus to meet the day-to-day needs of the local people.

Cook Islands

With the Vaka Moana Marumaru Atua, the Cook Islands Voyaging Society offers training, workforce development, tourist activities, education, cultural revival, environmental awareness.

A Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd Cook Islands is currently in the planning stage.


Uto Ni Yalo Trust operates the Vaka Moana under the same name, offering training, workforce development, tourist activities, education, cultural revival, and cargo transport.


New Zealand

New Zealand is home to three Vaka Moana initiatives: Haunui operated by Te Toki Voyaging Trust, Hinemoana of the Hawaiki Rising Voyaging Trust, and Te Matau a Maui of the Te Matau a Māui Voyaging Trust. All provide training, workforce development, tourist activities, education, cultural revival, environmental awareness.


The Vaka Motu Okeanos Aotearoa, built in 2016, is operated by Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd, offering Maori-based vaka eco-tours out of Auckland Harbour. Guests will experience Maori music, performance and stories of Maori ancestors who circumnavigated the beautiful Pacific ocean to reach the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa New Zealand.



Samoa Voyaging Society‘s Vaka Moana Gaualofa offers training, education, cultural revival, environmental awareness, and scientific work. In 2016, Samoa Voyaging Society partnered with Conservation International and Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Moana in a “first-of-its kind” collaboration to bring conservation education to Samoan coastal communities while hosting free training on basic coastal and marine management principles.


Faafaite – Tahiti Voyaging Society operates Vaka Moana Fa’afaite, providing training, tourist activities, education, cultural revival, environmental awareness and social projects. In October 2016, the Okeanos Tahiti team presented their work at the Science Fair of Assemblée Nationale of French Polynesia. With the help of Faafaite crew, they successfully presented Okeanos’ mission to government officials and over 4,000 school children.



Vaka Motu Okeanos Tonga (expected to be completed by May 2017) will be operated by Tonga Voyaging Society for their whale-watching eco-tourism enterprise Vaka & Moana Co. in Vava’u.

The Tonga Voyaging Society ‘Kalauni ‘O Tonga’ is not operating its own vaka at the moment but is a close co-operation partner of Okeanos. In the spring of 2016, they used our Vaka Motu Aotearoa for their first whale watching tours. The Tonga Voyaging Society has been established in order for Tongans to work together to reclaim their ancient heritage as a voyaging nation and to encourage interest in protecting the sea around them for future generations through education and experience.


Vaka Motu Okeanos Vanuatu, operated by Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport Ltd Vanuatu, provides disaster relief, tourist activities, and cargo transportation. In December 2016, Okeanos Vanuatu kicked off their first successful sunset cruise from Port Vila. All under the umbrella of The Pacific Community (SPC), guests participated in a workshop on youth development and how to create jobs and micro-entreprises for young persons in difficulty.